Thrive Psychotherapy NY - Francesca Baslow, MA, LCAT is a Counselor in New York, NY 10003

Welcome... I am Francesca, a Gestalt Psychotherapist with 14 years of experience in supporting my clients through: emotional and psychological difficulty in times of transition; navigating the delicate balance of autonomy and intimacy within healthy relationships, and exploring when this cycle is off; holding a safe space for grief and loss and past trauma; working with anxiety in all of its forms; healing through depression and other various stuck places.

As I utilize an non-pathologizing approach in my practice, I believe psychotherapy is never about being broken or unwell, but instead about being willing to sit with what is in the moment. . .what messages your body and deeper self are trying to communicate. These messages are often expressed through repeating behaviors, intense feelings, illness, addictive patterns, unrest in beloved relationships. It is simply for us to listen in a supportive environment, with compassion and awareness. Indeed what shows up as we slow down to listen may bring with it discomfort and emotional vulnerability, it may also be experienced as a gift . . . a gift of coming back to yourself/your center, you only better.

One of my passions in psychotherapy, is relationships and couples work. I feel deep gratitude in supporting clients build bridges to one another. Especially exciting is when each partner is sharing the same need, albeit unaware that the other is on the same page as they are having trouble truly hearing one another, until it is explored in my office with objective and safe reflection and this is realized. Ah. . .what a relief and happy moment that is.

Much of what we bring to therapy is centered around our connection with others, so having awareness of how we work with our boundaries within our relationships, is fundamental to a solid sense of ourselves, what we need, and how much we can give. We can then decide when to go forward and extend out and be bold. . .and when to pull back and go inside and into self care.

My clients cite my presence and authenticity, warmth and humor, that allow them to truly be who they are, to experience themselves and be at ease in the process.

Please call me for a free phone consultation, it is my pleasure: 917-647-7126

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